Trevi Fountain

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The very first famous sight we visited was the Trevi Fountain.

Panoramic view of the Trevi Fountain in the late afternoon
Vivien and William wishing for good luck Donny and Roman just smiling
Typical small street in old part of Rome

Suposedly, throwing money into the Trevi Fountain brings one luck...
The newly wed couple can of course use all the luck they can get!

On our way to the National Monument, we passed by some typical small streets and through a pitoresque shopping mall.

shopping mall
On the way to the National Monument The National Monument

The National Monument is heavly guarded. Not only by the famous Pretorian Guards from ancient Rome, but alos more modern Soldiers...

The Monument was erected in the name of Victor Emanuelle II who united Italy in the 19th century.

Also called The Typewriter, it is also home of the tomb of the unknown soldier which is guarded day and night als which is also acompaigned by the eternal flame.

Pretorian Guard (for hire)
Eternal flame at the tomb of the unknown soldier
Statue of Victor Emanuel II View from the National Monument to the Colosseum

From the top of the Monument - after passing the Statue of Victor Emanuel II - we got our first glimpse of the Colosseum!

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