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One of the biggest highlights was of course the Colosseum.
But before we reached the Colosseum, we passed parts of the Forum Romanum.

View from the National Monument to part of the Forum Romanum Donny and William discussing the next scene of the video-footage
Uprise and fall of the Roman empire

On the picture above, the uprise of the Roman empire are shown.
The white areas mark the territory the empire had under it's control.

Donny proud emperor of Rome! ;-) The floor has long broken in, but the corridors underneath are clearly visible

Finally at the Colosseum, we had to queue for a few minutes before we could get inside.

The sheer size and enormity are really impressive. To think that the whole stadium was filled with people watching gladiators... Wow!

Inside, there was a small exhibition of statues and skulptures. A good playground to try and take some pictures without flash...

Stands of the Colosseum in the glow of the evening sun
Head of a statue IMG_0746.jpg, 31 KB

Our next goal was the Circus Maximus. Partly because it sounds really fantastic and partly because we thought it must be Grand...

Recording another scene of the honeymoon-video Small version of the "Arc De Triomphe" in Paris?

But before we reached there, we paid a short visit to the Palatin.

View into what must have been a great hall The Palatin as seen from the Circus Maximus

Finally at the Circus Maximus!
Tired and hungry from the long walk, we were all very anxious to finally see The Circus Maximus.

But what a dissapointment... William simply called it "an overgrown running track"... :-)

IMG_0761.jpg, 33 KB IMG_0762.jpg, 24 KB

My little guide-book suggested to walk a bit further to see a Pyramid...
Well, not really fancy but a worthy end to a day full of walking and exploring!

Nice but not old

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