Angel's Castle

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Our last big attraction to visit was Angel's Castle.
Actually, the thing is called Castello Sant'Angelo, but since our guidebook was german, we just literlly translated the german name...

Perfect backside Donny

On the way from the Vatican to Angel's Castle, we passed some very nice views...

Among them such beautiful sights like the backside of Michelangelo's David and the most beautiful boyfriend!

Statue on the bridge of Sant" Angelo Famous statue of Sant" Angelo on top of the castle
Angel" Castle Group-shot on top of Angel"s Castle

Angel's Castle in the late afternoon light.

And of course the traditional group-foto, here taken on the top of Angel's Castle.

Colourful autumn-leaves alongside the river Arno.

Colourful autumn
Vivien and William considering to buy a souvenir-picture Funny building

Shopping for souvenirs is of course an important part of every trip. But in the end, Vivien and William decided not to buy one of the small "kitsch"-pictures sold alongside the river...

The building on the left is just weird. Couldn't resist to take a picture. :)

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