Roman's Pic Collection

Summer 1999

Roman in a restaurant in Zürich (1999)
Getting tired, right?

Roman in jacuzzie in Singapore
For all you water-lovers out there, this is what "my" jacuzzie in Singapore looked like! Jealous? Yeah, I bet you are.

Roman in 1997
Old pic taken with my previous web-cam. The current one has colors... :-)

Roman with fake mustache (1999)

Nah, a mustache doesn't make me look any more handsome... hehhe

After no sleep and wine for breakfast

What happens if you don't sleep much during the night and are getting wine for breakfast?
Something like this? Hehe
Roman in Budapest (1994)
Oh yes, and not being shaved helps a lot for the good image! :-p

Street-Parade Look

Street-Parade Look

Picture taken after Street-Parade 2006

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