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The following links and banners are here by pure accident. Don't ask me how they got here. Due to legal problems in some parts of Europe, placing hyperlinks on a page can be a criminal act if the author who placed the links states sympathy or support for any illegal contents on the pages he links to.
Bullshit if you ask me, but who am I to judge this?
Anyway, don't follow these links. I put them here for test purpose only.

The long-standing question about the number of "blips" you hear in the Singapore SMRT has finally been resolved:

We live in constant fear of terror. So, it's important to know how much we need to be afraid:
The current US Department of Homeland Security Threat-Level is currently at Terror Alert Level.

On the other hand (quite literally), peace must be given a chance, and a helping hand:
hands for peace

Nice list of common Trojan Ports and assigned port numbers.

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